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Practice Groups

The Office of the General Counsel is divided into four practice groups based on substantive areas of law. Each member of a practice group is available to provide legal assistance for Institute issues. If you are unsure who to contact, please call a practice group leader or the Deputy General Counsel. The practice groups are as follows:

The Risk, Dispute, and Litigation Management Group directly participates in all Institute litigation and potential litigation including: Employment, Personal Injury, Intellectual Property/Patent Litigation, Legal Process/Subpoenas, Internal Investigations, Risk Management, Insurance Issues. Group members are:

  • Tina Tran - Group Leader
  • Chantal Morgan D'Apuzzo
  • David Flores

The Education and Workforce Group is responsible for legal issues involving the Caltech community including: Health and Safety, Facilities, Environmental, Student Life/Issues, Faculty Issues, Education Law, Employment, Privacy, Conflicts of Interest, Institute Policies & Procedures, Ethics, Alumni Relations, Recreation, Athletics, Security and Law Enforcement Relations, and Public Relations. Group members are:

  • Ann Martin - Group Leader
  • Kerry Slater
  • Tina Tran

The Research and Technology Group focuses on legal issues involving research, intellectual property, and technology development. In particular, the Group provides legal counsel on: sponsored research agreements; research collaborations and memoranda of understanding; patent, trademark, and copyright disputes (including clearances) and litigation; environmental, health, and safety laws; NASA Space Act Agreements; research misconduct; import and export compliance; media and performing arts agreements; campus research committees; online education; information technology; and FOIA responses. Group members are:

  • Oral Caglar - Group Leader
  • Adam Cochran
  • Chantal Morgan D'Apuzzo
  • Kerry Slater

The Business Affairs Group is responsible for legal issues involving business, finance and investment including: Finance/Bonds, Investment/Financing, Tax, Accounting/Reporting, Red Flag Rules, Reporting and Disclosures, Contracts/Agreements, Acquisition and Procurement, Corporate Law, FAR, OMB guidelines, Facilities & Construction, Audit and Compliance, Development, Trustee Issues, International Legal Compliance, Government Relations, Lobbying, Political Activities, and Organizational Conflict of Interest. Group members are:

  • David Flores - Group Leader
  • Oral Caglar
  • Adam Cochran
  • David Dayan